I'm Nandu Hi 👋🤘

Bootstrapping two businesses to $100K in revenue.

WHO 17 year old . Entrepreneur . Co-Founder of All Things Notion MISSION to help individuals live a 10X more happier & productive life.

Powerful Notion based systems ⚙

to live a 10x more happier and productive.

What others say?

"Nandu is one of the most inspiring and talented digital creator I've seen online, especially at such a young age."

-Raiu, Digital Creator, Founder of Notion Joy

"Nandu is an amazing notion creator. He perfectly knows what the audience wants and builds the right template that fits their needs.

– Karthik, Digital Creator

"Nandu has impeccably designed and incorporated the best parts of content creation in to a seamless design that shines."

-Zareena, Digital Artist and Creator

"Nandu is a Top-Notch creator"

– Dairrick Anthony Jordan, Founder of IncomeIdea Inc

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